Origin Story

VidStatic was created in collaboration with content creators who regularly uploaded videos for sales, courses, and marketing. These content creators provided valuable insights and feedback, helping the founders to build a platform that truly meets the needs of those who use it. 

As a result, VidStatic is the best platform for hosting your video library online because it was built alongside the people who actually use it. The founders worked closely with content creators to understand their needs and to ensure that VidStatic offers the best possible solution for hosting, sharing, and accessing videos online.

It all started when the founders, who were content creators themselves, grew tired of having their videos taken down or censored for no apparent reason. They felt that their freedom of speech was being restricted and their hard work was being wasted. That’s when they decided to take matters into their own hands and create a platform where content creators could have their videos hosted forever, with complete control over their content. 

With VidStatic, videos are kept safe from unauthorized use. Videos from anywhere with an internet connection, shareable with a special link or embed code. Best of all, our customers retain complete control over their videos and own the rights to their content.

VidStatic was created to give content creators a platform where they can express themselves freely and have their videos available online, always. With VidStatic, content creators can pay to have their videos hosted forever, protected by freedom of speech, and always available to their viewers.