Pricing for VidStatic is $20/month, gives you 20 videos, and $1 for each additional video you add.

The more videos you have the lower the cost per video becomes.

This is because VidStatic can offer you more savings on infrastructure as your library grows.

Unlike other video platforms like YouTube, Facebook, or TikTok, VidStatic lets you keep your videos online forever by paying to store them. This means that you always have control over your videos and can access them whenever you want.


20 Videos

As low as $0.50 for each additional

20 Videos


$1 for each additional video. 

250 Videos


40% Off

$0.60 for each additional video.

50 Videos


20% Off

$0.80 for each additional video.

1000+ Videos


50% Off

$0.50 for each additional video.

VidStatic vs Competitors

Speaks for itself, performance is better and we’re 50% off

Get to know the product

Get to know, demo of it here. Notice how quickly the app reacts to what you do.

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